Trash / Recycling Info


Trash Pickup:

Tuesdays (Every other week)

What can be recycled?  Anything outside of this list should NOT be put inside your Rumpke Recycling bin:
-Plastic bottles and jugs
-Aluminum and metal cans
-Paper and cardboard (No napkins or plates. Boxes should be broken 2×2′)
-Glass bottles and jars (Please empty, they do not need to be rinsed.)
-Cartons (such as juice and milk cartons)

All items should be loose in the recycling bin.  Plastic garage bags can damage the equipment used to sort recyclables.

Yard Waste:

2 Responses to Trash / Recycling Info

  1. Michele Bryant says:

    I will be moving into Watterson Woods on Saturday and did not see the cost for garbage on the site. Is there a neighborhood rate for Rumpke to provide services? Is this the provider we need to use?

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