Officers and Directors


President Debbie Murphy
Vice President Bill Vetter
Secretary John Norris


Gail Vetter
Jim Washle
David Franco
Charles Moore

4 Responses to Officers and Directors

  1. Montica Husband says:

    I live in Villa Fair Ct. and the grass area behind us is not being cut as I was told being twice a month. Last month it was once and so far this month, July, it was once but they did not do all of it. I hope they are not billing you for two cuts because it isn’t being cut!!

  2. Dorothy Schroeder says:

    Discovered AT&T is planning on digging in my yard soon. Am I legally obligated to let them? I don’t want them tearing up my yard.

  3. Kimberly Bass says:

    Looking for information about the person or company that cut down the tree in the cemetery.

  4. Kimberly Bass says:

    I noticed there are Christmas light at the entrance at Morgan Haynes but not at Lochridge. Why is that?

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