(OCT 2016) WWPOA Fall Mtg. Minutes

WWPOA Fall Members Meeting
October 20, 2016


Debbie Murphy – President
Bill Vetter – Vice President / Treasurer
Dan Hart – Secretary
Carlos Fish – Director
Charles Moore – Director
Jim Walshe – Director
Gail Vetter – Director
Absent: Dave Franco – Director

I. Election of Officers for 2016-2018

A brief description the role and responsibilities of each Officer was given.

Respond to Members via the website, email and facebook site.  Schedule and communicate annual yard sale.

Vice President / Treasurer
Assists the President.  Manages finances for neighborhood.  Knowledge of Quickbooks software is highly recommended.

Track transfers of properties.  Manage budget.  Addresses issues in the neighborhood.

Election of Officers

a. Secretary
Motion raised to nominate Johnathan Cowherd for Secretary
Motion seconded
Vote conducted; Johnathan Cowherd ELECTED to position of Secretary

b. Vice President / Treasurer
Motion raised to nominate Bill Vetter for Vice President / Treasure
Motion seconded
Vote conducted; Bill Vetter ELECTED to position of Vice President / Treasure

c. President
Motion raised to nominate Debbie Murphy for Vice President / Treasure
Motion seconded
Vote conducted; Debbie Murphy ELECTED to position of President

II. Financial Report – Bill Vetter, Vice President / President

a. Revenue (dues)
b. Expense
c. Current budget
d. Projected budget

An explanation was given of the Profit & Loss statement. Bill walked residents through the Operating Statement. Discussion on previous decisions to execute much needed reduction in costs (Mowing contract, eliminated storage unit, eliminated PVA subscription). As a note, a modification of the mowing contract was required mid-fiscal year due to an initial error in the scope of work given to the contractor (areas of common property were errantly omitted). A Professional Fee realized in May 2016 was related to services provided by Kentucky Reality to advise and execute Proxy Voting strategy. There was a pause in electrical services to the entrance ways due to damage to the equipment. Once the equipment was repaired, electric service was restored to the entrances. Water service was cut off to the entrances when equipment was damaged. Recurring costs such as postage and insurance for the Association were discussed. As of October, the Association had a balance of $13,478.16.

How much area is managed by the lawn contractor?
Over 13 acres are cut as part of our mowing contract. The locations of these parcels require multiple loads and unloads of equipment, making it difficult for the contractor.

Banking dollars – Charged for making over 200 deposits in one month (bank charge). Charges were waived by the bank, after Debbie discussed the situation with the bank. Association procedures have been put in place to prevent recurrence of this charge.

Will the tree cutting services for the neighborhood be quoted, or is there a provider identified?
Currently using Coy tree services. A major consideration is that Coy carries liability insurance.

Discussion on Dues
Typically collect dues from approx 75% of property owners. A second mailing was executed this year, collecting approx $1500 additional. However, this process is very time consuming, given the limited resources of the all volunteer Association leadership. Collection agencies often do not produce good return of past dues. This is because the $36 value of the past dues is often less than the cost of the effort required to collect. Placing liens is likewise not economical.

Has any one engaged the residents (with past due balances)?
Past incidents have shown that this leaves Officers exposed to potential harm or retribution by neighbors. It is our policy for the Association to not directly confront property owners at their homes on issues related to dues.

Can Kentucky Reality help?
Yes, they have additional resources beyond what the volunteers of the Association have available.

What can be done about code violations?
Members can visit www.jeffersontownky.gov to report code violations.

There are residents that haven’t paid for multiple years, why don’t we go after them first?
When the transition of records between Treasurers occurred, there was a discrepancy in the data. Due to this, the Association has received advice from an attorney that those dues (prior to the data discrepancy) cannot be collected due to this discrepancy.

It was noted that only 3% of the neighbor attended tonight’s meeting, highlighting the reasoning behind the recent change in by-laws modifying the quorum requirement to 5%.

Note:  Comments have been made on the Watterson Woods community on the website www.nextdoor.com. The Members were reminded that the WWPOA has no affiliation nor does any of the leadership participate in this site. Sites supported by the WWPOA are wattersonwoods.com and www.facebook.com/wattersonwoods.

III. New and Amended By Laws

a. Proxy voting procedure
Proxy voting forms (voting on modifications to by-laws presented Oct 20) were distributed to each resident present tonight. Each Member was encouraged to vote.

Debbie presented a comment made by a property an owner (from the facebook page) in regards to the increase in dues. The comment was a great example of some of the reasons justifying the change in dues.

It was discussed that when the association was incorporated in 1978, there were only a small fraction of the homes that are currently in the Association. Bill reviewed many examples of the inflation costs between now and 1978. As perspective, it was noted that current dues are approx $0.10/day, the new dues increase this to $0.20/day; a very minimal increase.

To allow sufficient resources to address the issues in the neighbor (such as non-payment of dues), a property management company (Kentucky Reality) is proposed to be hired. It was emphasized that hiring Kentucky Reality would not remove decision making responsibilities from the Association.

Bill reviewed the proposed budget post change in dues and the hiring of Kentucky Reality. This budget shows a surplus of $391 at this end of April 2018.

Will the $3000 in tree removal remain in the budge every year?
No, it will be evaluated each year and adjusted as needed.

Why are we (those that pay their dues) paying for those that don’t pay?
Our current resources required to force collection are limited. The resources available to Kentucky Reality allow for better collection of dues.

If we do go to small claims court, with a limit of 25 filings per year, will that open us up to claims of discrimination?
Yes, because we have far more than 25 properties that are delinquent, it would be difficult to determine which properties are addressed first. With this, we could be open to claims of discrimination.

The agreement with the reality company is month to month, correct?  And if goals are not reached, can the contract be terminated?
Yes, our agreement would be on a month to month basis and could be terminated at any time by the Association.

b. Reason for new/amended By Laws recommended by Board of Directors and Officers

Eligibility to vote
To help drive payment and ensure that decisions on the neighborhood are made by those that are contributing.

Does the eligibility reduce the number of members by which the 5% quorum requirement would apply?
The 5% quorum requirement would apply to the total number of property available to vote. If a property is delinquent on dues, they would not be edible to vote.

Late charges
The purpose is to provide a penalty for non-payment, while not being overly punitive to our neighbors.

How is the 3% charged?
The charge of 3% per month of the current outstanding balance will be added to the balance due on that property. The charge would continue to accumulate monthly until dues are paid.

Remote Communication
Allows for a reduction in mass mailings of paper forms. Allows for communication of forms via electronic means (ex: website or email).

Emphasis placed on what improvements could be accomplished with the change in dues (appearance of the neighborhood,etc).

Is it set in stone that the dues are going up?
No, dues cannot be changed without a vote to change the by-laws.

If we do increase dues, does this mean we can improve the appearance of the entrance?
Yes, this is one of the goals of the change in dues and using a reality company to manage tasks so that the Association leadership can focus on improvements.

c. Open discussion
Note: Discussion items covered as part of items above. No additional items raised.

IV. Open Forum for Members

There is a very large fur tree at the corner of Gutenberg and Lock Leah lane that makes it very difficult to see traffic and creates a dangerous situation.
Bill took the action item to determine who owns the tree. If it is owned by the Association, it will be marked as part of our tree maintenance budget.

The Association was thanked for contacting the city and driving action to clean up a home in the neighborhood.

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