To view the PDF, please click on the link below: WWPOA-annual-meeting-20170601

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The board would like to invite members of the Watterson Woods Property Owners Association to the annual meeting Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 7:00pm.  The location is at the Jeffersontown Police Station (10410 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299) in the …

wattersonwoods@gmail... says:
Yes. This isn’t in the scope of what the HOA can do. As Kurt said last... more
Kimberly Bottoms says:
Ok. Do I need to make the contact(s) to get the ball rolling? Please advise.... more

WWPOA is posting the letter from Kentucky Realty Corporation as a PDF WWPOA. Contact Information Kentucky Realty Corporation 3944 Bardstown Road Louisville, Kentucky 40218 Phone: (502) 473-0003 Fax: (502) 473-7269

wattersonwoods@gmail... says:
Ben, There’s a PDF hyperlink on this post. If you follow that link, your... more
Ben Stivers says:
Where is the letter from Kentucky Realty? more

New watterson woods bylaw amendments passed

The Watterson Woods HOA board is pleased to announce that all of the amendments to the bylaws passed and the PDF of those results can be downloaded here:


Meeting Minutes – WWPOA Fall Members Meeting

WWPOA Fall Members Meeting October 20, 2016 Attendees: Debbie Murphy – President Bill Vetter – Vice President / Treasurer Dan Hart – Secretary Carlos Fish – Director Charles Moore – Director Jim Walshe – Director Gail Vetter – Director Absent: …